Strugglers, Stragglers and Seekers

daily devotions for the rest of us

by Peggy Haymes

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Renew your heart, mind and soul. Daily.

"The title of this devotional book says it all. It reaches out to us where we are, acknowledges our humanness, and reminds us, often with a touch of humor, that we are loved and treasured. The author is a master of turning a phrase or idea on its ear, gently prodding us to look at ourselves or consider an idea through a different lens."

Cathy Morrison

She loved it so much, she's translating it into her native Japanese.

"I'm a 53 year old Japanese widow who's been reading your wonderful daily devotions since last June.

First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude for the blessing I've received through the book. I can't tell you how much and how often it encouraged me... I can't think of my days without "Strugglers" now. And I didn't want to make it my own. So I started translating it to share it with three of my friends about my age."

Hiromi Kanda, Japan  

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"Peggy's down-home style is like sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair listening to her spin a story, that in the end, gives you that special "ah-ha" feeling. Not deep theological academic lecturing. Just the plain, honest truth. She makes you see things that were in front of you all along but were too busy bustling about to notice. The title hits the bull's eye because it says in all in a few perfect words."

Tom Hardin, author of The Kingdom

From a reader: "Your book is unique. I have a few daily meditation books and this one is my favorite. "

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Spirituality with humor and hope

"As an admitted straggler, my Bible has more than a layer of dust on it. Peggy's book is more than enough of a reason to dust yours off (come on, I know I am not the only one, here, right?). In this work, she takes Bible passages and brings them to the present day complete with our modern struggles, humor, and hope... I am reminded that living with mindful intention is at the heart of moving from being a faithful person in word to becoming a faithful person in action."

Heather Gray, Executive Coach

Mindful and grounded

Peggy is a strong, creative, caring and spiritual presence on earth. She is also a very good writer.

I would recommend this book to anyone of any religion to help them be mindful and grounded each and every day.

Frieda Ferrick, author of Stories My Family Could Not Tell

It's their favorite devotional book in Norway. Maybe it will become yours.

"I shared this book with a friend who gives weekly devotions to a group. She struggles  to translate its devotions into Norwegian because her group likes them better than any of the others she's used."

Connie Toverud, Oslo, Norway

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From an early age, Peggy Haymes was fortunate enough to know that God loved her, no holds barred, no qualifications needed. She also learned that God loved other people and that she ought to do that too. Or at least try.

As a teenager she discovered that she loved to write... poems, plays, journals, prayers... anything really.

As an adult she began writing devotions, discovering that she loved wrestling with both text and words. For ten years she edited and wrote devotions for Reflections daily devotional guide, serving as the very first editor.

In her life now she is a licensed counselor, ordained minister and home provider for various rescued dogs and cats. She still tries to love God and love people. Most days.

A Sample of Strugglers, Stragglers and Seekers

As we walk through the gospels the message comes a hundred different ways. You don’t have to be scared. Don’t be so scared. Fear not. It comes to Mary while she's conversing with an angel. It comes to shepherds who have their evening interrupted. It comes to disciples in the midst of a storm. It comes to bewildered and perplexed friends of Jesus who only want to finish burying him well. Don’t be so scared.

And now it comes near the end of the story. Perhaps written at the end of the first Christian century, the message is clear. Our way is the way of love and not fear....

Love will never ask us to dim our light lest we shine too brightly. Love will never ask us to be less than we were created to be.

By this we know God. By this we follow Jesus. By this we serve one another.


Not fear. (I John 4:13-25)


In the end when God does speak, it is not the pious friends who are commended. God tells then they have been guilty of misrepresenting God. Only Job – only angry, defiant, doubting Job has been faithful.

The story of Job reminds us that God is not offended when we question. Indeed, if anything God is offended when we speak too glibly.

Make room in your heart for the angry, defiant and doubting questions. You may find God there as well. (Job 42:1-7)

Today we throw a birthday party for a God who came as a baby, a real baby and not a role playing one. A baby who’d have to learn to sit up and crawl and whose gums would hurt when his teeth came through. A baby who'd have to learn toilet training and how to feed himself. A God who is on this night utterly helpless and vulnerable and seemingly incapable of saving himself, much less the world.

Today we throw a birthday party for a God who became one of us all the way through. For some of you it will be a day that begins early and ends late, a day filed with people and noise and stuff to do. But sometime today, even for just a moment, take a moment to be still and quiet. For God's son has been born and you are God's child as well... so your brother is here.

Take a moment and breathe in deeply the wonder of a God whose love is so big that God would choose to become so small. (Luke 2:1-7)


Our best and truest place of belonging is always in God’s heart. This presence is with us no matter if we are in the depths or flying high. In God’s heart is always a place of welcome, no matter if we toe the theological line or if some think our beliefs to be odd or if we do not know what we believe.

No matter where you are today, no matter how you are, home is here. Stop. Take a deep breath. Then feel the soft quilt of love that surrounds you. Drink in the cool water of love that refreshes you. Breathe in the delight of God who delights in you. (Psalm 84)

Strugglers, Stragglers and Seekers

daily devotions for the rest of us