Bring your whole self to the table.


Jesus said to love God with our hearts, minds, and souls. 

Why do we split them up?

We talk about emotions in one place, the impact of our thoughts on our lives in another, and then our souls are relegated to that place we call spiritual.

What if we could bring our whole selves to our faith journeys? 



I want to join

What does the Community of Holy Stragglers have to offer?

Nurture mind, heart, and soul

What if every month you could have a workshop that helped you understand your emotional and psychological self, gave you tools for making things better, all within the context of Christian faith?

That's exactly what Holy Straggler members get each month. Enough to help. Not so much to overwhelm.

As a member, you have access not only to the videos posted each month but also to the entire library of videos.

This includes:

  • Keep on Keeping On: How to keep going when the journey is long or hard or all of the above 
  • Blessing
  • Radical acts of gratitude
  • Showing up in skin: Honoring our bodies



Put your imagination to work

Just by imagining biting into a lemon, I can make my mouth water. That's the power of our imaginations. Guided imagery is a form of meditation that harnesses that power to improve our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Of course, you also have access to all of the recordings in the library. These include:

  • The people who bless us
  • When you feel overloaded with worry and anxiety
  • Blessing the body
  • When you feel afraid



Pause for prayer

Twice a week (once in the morning and once in the evening) we gather together (over Zoom) for prayer. It's a relaxed, come-as-you-are time. Sometimes participants offer up whatever prayer is in their hearts and sometimes we sit in silence. There is no expectation, except the trust that wherever two or three of us are gathered, Jesus is somehow there as well.



Join our Straggling

Call To Action

Here's what one Straggler says...

In the middle of plagues, pandemics, politics, and all the messy parts of life right now, I have found an oasis.  It's called Holy Stragglers.  It is full of everything I didn't know I needed. 

While there are so many resources, the one thing that unifies the parts into a meaningful whole is the prayer time. 

In our prayer time, we share the joys, sorrows, struggles, and triumphs of our daily lives.  It isn't like an "encounter group" - in fact, it's the most non-threatening prayer space of which I've been a part.  No pressure.  If I am led to share my burdens or celebrations, I do.  If not, I listen to others.

It not only relaxes me, but it fills my soul. It sustains and strengthens me. 

Sometimes we do an awful lot of pouring out of ourselves, and we don't take the time to fill back up.  Holy Stragglers does just that - gives me a wonderful opportunity to sit with the Lord and be restored.  I don't have to have any special or "churchy" words.  I just have to be there.


Joining is easy

You decide what you can pay and choose that option. There is no super special VIP level. Whether you pay $5 a month or $24, you get access to everything.


So what are you waiting for?

Option 1


  • Monthly video workshops
  • Monthly guided imagery
  • Weekly prayer gathering
  • Facebook group access
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Option 2


  • Monthly video workshops
  • Monthly guided imagery
  • Weekly prayer gathering
  • Facebook group access
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Option 3


  • Monthly video workshops
  • Monthly guided imagery
  • Weekly prayer gathering
  • Facebook group access
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From a Straggler in Norway

I am so happy to be part of the Community of Holy  Stragglers!  Every day brings a new blessing, including the “Monday Morning Manna,” my Tuesday morning prayer gathering, workshops, new teachings, meditations, and always a delightful surprise.  All of it brings spiritual growth and brings God closer and closer.  Thank you, Peggy!


Connie Toverud

What do I bring to the table?

I was undecided about a major when I went off to college until I took my first Religion class, New Testament Survey.

I could get college credit for in-depth study of scripture? I could take courses on spiritual formation? Sign me up!

In over 35 years of ministry, I've never lost that delight in learning. Over a lifetime of trying to follow Jesus, I've never lost that love for seeking with my whole soul.

I bring to this membership my training in both in theology and psychology. I bring decades of work in churches and hospitals and the sacred ground of my counseling office. 

I bring what I've learned about people and about life. I bring a passion for helping people let go of what does not serve them and to embrace the fullness of life for which they were created.

Come, join me.