So here's my story: Once upon a time I really loved Jesus. But myself? Not so much.

Inside I never felt quite good enough. I knew the right words like "grace" and "child of God."

I just wasn't sure they were true for me.

On the outside, I was aces. Good friends. Good work. Emerging as a leader early in my career. 

And yet, it was never enough. Never enough to wipe away that nagging feeling of not being good enough. Not enough to silence the critical voice in my head that beat me up for every mistake, real or imagined. 

Until I started my own journey of healing.

One of the bravest and best days in my life was when I sat down across from a therapist and began to tell the truth of how I felt.

That, as they say, has made all the difference.

I live a life now I once couldn't have believed was possible for me. (Other people maybe, but surely not me.)

I still have great friends, but my friendships are deeper and more real because I come to them with my whole self - warts and all. If I'm a doofus we laugh about it. If I mess up we talk about it.

My work is so much easier now. A mistake is just a mistake and not a failure for which I need to beat myself up for days and weeks on end. I can risk new things knowing it's not the end of the world if I stumble.

I don't get up every morning putting on the heavy coat of shame that drags me down.

Speaking of work, my journey ignited in me a passion for healing. I returned to grad school for a second masters, this time in counseling. (My first is a Master of Divinity.) This passion comes  through my writing, through workshops that I staff, through work with my clients.

And that passion leads me here.

Too many people of faith feel guilty for the pain or anxiety that weighs their spirits down, and that shame keeps them from healing. Too many people want to improve their lives but haven't a clue as to where to begin or what to do next.

That's why I created Heart Callings. Here I share with you resources from both the world of spirituality and of psychology, insights from the latest research and the oldest wisdom. I offer guidance for the journey and time tested tools for you to use now and forever.

I still love Jesus. But now I love and accept myself as well. 

And that, as they say, makes all the difference.