Create your life, not your crisis.

Birthing a New Chapter

An online retreat for women in midlife.

This retreat is for you if...

You're a woman in age anywhere from your 40's into your 60's.

  • You couldn't stop nodding your head as you read Brene Brown's blog on midlife as unraveling.
  • You've been so focused on caring for others that you wonder where you went.
  • You know who you've been. You're just not sure of who you are now - or who you want to be.
  • You've completed a major goal (raising children, reaching a career goal) but have no clue as to what's next.
  • You feel weighed down by an increasing collection of regrets.




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(For the first time it will be a SIX WEEK group!)

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Join me as we look at what chapters are closing... and what chapters might be waiting to begin.

"I really felt bonded with this group. You are all remarkable women with so many strengths and beautiful souls!" (2018 participant)

I'm an ordained minister, a licensed professional counselor, and as you might guess by my picture, a fellow traveler on this journey. I work with women in midlife, helping them listen to their hearts and create their lives.

Maybe that's you?

Join us,


This virtual retreat includes

Private Facebook Group

The retreat takes place within a private Facebook group. Talk with other women facing some of the same questions. Share your stories, and find support and encouragement in not being the only one. I pop in to share a weekly video as well as to join in the conversation.

Weekly video and reflection guides

Each week I post a video addressing the theme for that week. I offer insight from my background as a counselor as well as thirty-plus years of ordained ministry. I help you identify midlife tasks and give you some tools for doing them. Each week you also get guides for reflection for integrating it  with your own life.

Daily Devotions

Every day in the group I share a daily devotion that goes along with our theme each week. These give you a chance to listen for the movement of the Spirit as you move through this retreat. We especially listen to some of God's women who began new chapters of their own.

It's time for a new season

Let go of old baggage and embrace new dreams. Sign up now for this virtual retreat.


To answer your question...

Cost is $300 for the six week group. This includes all the videos, reflection guides, devotionals and Facebook group membership. But wait, there's more...

This group will give you a chance to unpack some of the stuff you've been carrying around, like those choices you made that seemed small at the time but have been huge in the end.

It will also give you a chance to begin creating the next chapter for your life. These decades are precious, and we don't want to live them by accident. You'll have a chance to craft a vision of  who you want to be and how you want to live.

This virtual retreat also includes a solid foundation both in psychology and in spirituality. Why tend to just part of yourself on this journey?

If you can attend an in person retreat for women at midlife, by all means, go! But that may be not possible for you for all kinds of reasons: availability, arrangements, schedule, etc.  

One of the advantages of this virtual retreat is not just the flexibility but the fact that it's spread over four weeks. Covering all of this on a three day retreat would be too much, like trying to drink from a firehose. With more time, you have a chance to process each segment and how it applies to your life.

First of all, you're not broken. You're going through a perfectly normal life stage. This retreat will help you understand what this stage is about. It will help you identify the issues that are calling for your attention. You'll also get tools for doing just that. What you do with all of this will be up to you. But we'll be here to support you as you start doing the work.

What others are saying about the experience

"I didn’t know what to expect when we started this group journey! But I can say with all confidence that I am coming out of this experience with new midlife knowledge and a new perspective ... and an enthusiasm and confidence for walking thru this midlife process that was not there before. I have also loved the bonds we’ve formed with each other (not knowing each other at all) through our sharing ... and how we’ve benefitted from hearing each other’s stories. And Peggy, you and your gifts are unique - your insights, encouragements, humor ... and how you’ve made the passages of scripture so relevant to our lives."

Betsy H., Retired business owner

"The group definitely exceeded my expectations! It really has helped me to view my life in a new way, and to begin changing some patterns. "

Lynn W., Artist


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