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Community of Holy Stragglers 


It's not so bad to be a straggler.

Sometimes Christian spirituality becomes just one more place where we strive for success (and feel like failures when we miss.) The truth is that a lot of us are just straggling along doing the best we can.

Here's a place for all of us.




Every month stragglers receive

Monthly Bible study

Monthly Bible study

Join me as we reflect on scriptures. Some of the studies will be a single video, some will be multiple videos, but all of them will engage our hearts AND minds AND spirits.



Weekly prayer

We'll gather each week to hold each other both in silence and in prayer. Members will have a special email for sharing prayer requests (to share with the group or hold in confidence.)



Conversation about faith

Coffee and Conversation

Join me each month as we talk about God, faith, spirituality, healing, that great new book or podcast and whatever else comes up.



You pick your monthly rate*

*no fine print

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You get everything everyone else gets.


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You get everything everyone else gets.


Option 3


You get everything everyone else gets.


There's nothing tricky about signing up.

You choose the price that works for you right now. Then you sign up.

I charge your credit card that amount each month. You enjoy the membership. If you ever decide to leave, just cancel

It's that easy.

If you have questions, contact me at peggy (at) 


What people who have participated in my courses, groups and seminars are saying.

Scott Orr

Like all the best communicators, Peggy has a knack for attacking the most complex issues in the simplest way.  

Linda Yellen

Peggy is spiritually mature, gifted, authentic, and engaging.  She openly shares her stories and wounds so that others may learn from her. 

Betsy Hood

Whether speaking or writing, Peggy has a unique gift of using words, wisdom, her training, life experiences, and humor to enlighten, encourage, and empower!

James Garrison

Great content! I've learned a lot, and (her) style puts me at ease, even when dealing with difficult subjects.

Community of Holy Stragglers