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Community of Holy Stragglers 

It's not so bad to be a straggler.

Sometimes Christian spirituality becomes just one more place where we strive for success (and feel like failures when we miss.) The truth is that a lot of us are just straggling along doing the best we can.

Here's a place for all of us.




Every month stragglers receive

Monthly Bible study

Monthly Bible study

Join me as we reflect on scriptures. Some of the studies will be a single video, some will be multiple videos, but all of them will engage our hearts AND minds AND spirits.



Weekly prayer

We'll gather each week to hold each other both in silence and in prayer. Members will have a special email for sharing prayer requests (to share with the group or hold in confidence.)



Conversation about faith

Coffee and Conversation

Join me each month as we talk about God, faith, spirituality, healing, that great new book or podcast and whatever else comes up.



guided imagery


Guided Imagery


Each month I'll provide a new guided imagery. Examples include letting go of something or embracing something, reducing stress or increasing joy.


June Bible Study

Fall Bible Studies



When bad theology happens to good people. (Maybe the point of Job isn't patience)


What does it mean to forgive and do we really have to do it?


 Can I grow in faith but keep everything the same?


Letting go


Actively waiting

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Community of Holy Stragglers