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Helping you find your way

to the life you want to live. *

Maybe you know where you want to go in life, but wonder why it seems impossible to get there. Maybe you're tired of not even allowing yourself to dream.

Or maybe you're just ready to stop making your life harder than it has to be, to stop sabotaging yourself, beating yourself up, or listening to everyone except your own heart. 

Coaching helps you to get clear on what's working, what isn't, and how to change.

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Workshops & groups 

I'm available to provide workshops for churches and other groups on creating positive change in your life. These may include topics such as setting better boundaries, the power of the stories we tell ourselves, and learning to listen to your life. 

I've worked with groups and workshops all over the country. With churches, I'm able to frame topics within the context of our Christian faith. 

(I am currently doing all events via video due to Covid precautions.)


Preaching and speaking

From the first time.I stepped into a pulpit (as a high school senior designated as the pastor for Youth Month at my church), I felt like I'd come home. I'd love to share the experience of worship with you. I'm an experienced preacher and speaker. Contact me about opportunities with your congregation or group. 

See something that interests you?

Interested in discussing a possibility that you don't see?

Contact me.

Feel free to email me at Peggy (at) to talk with me. If I'm in a meeting with my assistant, Bear (pictured), I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

*An important note about coaching and therapy

While I am also a clinically trained and licensed therapist, I do not offer counseling through Heart Callings. Here's a short explanation of the difference between coaching and counseling:

Coaching tends to be goal and action-oriented. I work with you to create plans and action steps, and to identify what might get in the way of pursuing them. 
Counseling is more in-depth and deals with mental health issues such as depression and trauma.
Counseling addresses and seeks to heal the wounds from the past that we carry. 
In coaching, we acknowledge whatever feelings are present in a session as helpful information. The feelings help us sort out a direction or point to a roadblock.
If you are seeking therapy and live in North Carolina, please contact me through