Women Waiting (Good Friday)

It is all we can do

to bear what we cannot bear to see,

a dying that takes forever,

a dying that takes all of our forevers.


We cannot bear to see such suffering

yet we cannot turn away

our eyes greedy for the last sight of him,

even such a terrible sight of him.


It's different when you know

death is coming up the lane

and the days that seemed endless

now will end.

Words feel different in your mouth

the air feels different in your lungs.

Times slows to a stumble 

yet races by so terribly fast.


We can hardly bear to stay

but we cannot bear to leave.

Shoulder to shoulder

with his mother who once bathed this baby boy

we will honor her and him by waiting

until we can take this body

and bathe her baby boy

once again.


(Picture: Linen Tapestry. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of art collection)

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