Grief creeps into the cracks

christmas grief holidays loss thanksgoving Nov 15, 2018

Grief finds shape in absence...

the lack of dressing made just so, 

of sweet potato casseroles 

and broccoli casseroles

and a square of Jell-o salad.


Grief finds expression in silence,

missing the sounds of voices stilled or too far distant,

the silence too orderly without the chaos of children,

a dog's collar no longer jingling.


Grief creeps into the cracks

where tradition and ritual used to be...

Christmas morning.

Thanksgiving afternoon.

Broken and maybe even mended

yet as grief is wont to nag,

never again the same.


We think of grief as big and bold

announcing itself on a timetable

and fitting itself into schedule.


But sometimes it comes


tumbling into our moments.

And what else can we do

but hold our suddenly tender hearts

and breathe.