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I was curious. I wondered just what was out there for women like me in that great middle stage of midlife.

Here's what I discovered: When you google "midlife," you get a page full of links about crisis. How to recognize them. How to survive them. How to survive your spouse having one.

I even googled Bible studies looking for resources for women of faith in midlife. Guess what? I found lots of Bible studies about handling a midlife crisis. 

I wanted something meatier than what I found. I wanted something that didn't shy away from hard questions, that acknowledged the power of old losses and the loss of the lives we don't get to live.

I wanted something that doesn't just see midlife as a crisis but also as an invitation to clear out the junk, to let go of what belongs to the past and to create this next chapter with both joy and faith.

I wanted something that wan't tame and neat. I wanted something that invited me to dance on the edge of possibility.

I wasn't finding it. 

Maybe I needed to do it.

I've been a minister for over thirty years now (how did that even happen?) I've been a Licensed Professional Counselor for over a dozen years. I've been a writer for about as long as I've held a pencil and a creative soul for as long as I've taken breath.

I realized that I had something to offer people like me - and maybe like you. Too often the people writing the Bible studies go light on the psychology of it all, and in so doing the miss the wealth of insights and habits that can make significant changes in our lives.

On the other side, too often people writing on the psychological side have little appreciation for faith and little knowledge of great faith themes of lament and liberation and new birth. They miss the blessing inherent in all of our bones.

I've lived a good portion of my adult life in both worlds. As I began leading online groups for women in midlife I saw women excited because I gave them simple tools for understanding themselves and for making life better. I saw their nods of recognition as they saw their story in the biblical story and realized that God wasn't done with them yet either.

Most of all, I saw them shift from feeling overwhelmed and helpless in the face of the big, bad crisis they'd been taught to fear to women joyfully reclaiming long neglected parts of themselves, women finding their true voices, and women discovering the delight of creating the life they wanted to live out of the fullness of who God created them to be.

This work drives me because a life that reaches midlife is gift indeed. I've had too many friends who didn't get this far. Maybe you have too.

Getting to these years is a gift and a grace and the best expression of our gratitude to to be loving stewards of that life. 

We are also not yet done, however, because there is still work for us to do, work that the world needs. Maybe it's a grandchild who needs your fierce blessing. Maybe it's City Council that needs your voice on it. Maybe it's something you never dreamed of doing until God puts that dream in your heart and will not let you be done with it.

I know about that last one. You're reading it right now.

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There's so much more to this stage of life than they led us to believe. Let's go and make it be so.