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Sometimes stubbornness is my superpower.

I knew there had to be a way to use what was then a new thing called the internet to help bring people the tools they needed to make their lives better.  But how?
I tried making a website. It was sad.
I tried an online thing. It wasn't right.
 I tried another online thing.
It was closer, but not quite right either.
 I would have given up on the whole kit and caboodle except that whole superpower gig got in the way.
I'm stubborn.
I wasn't ready to give up.

I finally realized that I have a second superpower. Curiosity. 

I'm curious about areas like psychology and spirituality, personal development and growth.

I'm curious about how our minds work and how our bodies work and how we live and work with each other.

I'm curious about how we learn and how we change. 
(Pictured here with my dog, Bear, on adoption day. 
He is both stubborn and curious)

I realized that I'd been trying to work without my superpowers. 

Curious about where you shine and where you struggle.
Curious about what tools and trails
will get you where you want to go.
Stubbornly believing that people can create
lives they want to live.
I'm delighted now to bring them to our work together.

Curious about the professional stuff?

Over the last 30 years, I've served as a licensed therapist  (LCMHC), minister, writer/editor, and coach.

  • Associate with Pinnacle Leadership Associates coaching clergy and churches.
  • For over 25 years I've worked with people from all over the world in grief workshops in California, Maine, and North Carolina.
  • Have completed a yearlong coach training program and am now completing the requirements for certification with the International Coach Federation.
  • Therapist in private practice for over 20 years.
  • Have written and published numerous books. 
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