About Me


 Some things I've always known about me. Like that I loved cats and dogs. And I loved Jesus. And I loved to write.

Some things I discovered along the way. Like the fact that when we don't love ourselves loving Jesus becomes all about being good enough and doing enough and being perfect enough to appear lovable. Except that never really works.

Like sometimes we have to let go of our understandings of God and faith that once served us well because they are too small now. Or letting go of the pictures of who and what we thought we were because, let's face it, they never really served us at all and weren't really true.

The older I've gotten the more I know. And the less I know for certain.

Some things I know about me. I delight in helping people get free of the things that hold them back, whether it's an old way of thinking about themselves or a worn out way of thinking about God. I know that I delight in talking one on one, or leading a group conversation, or sitting alone writing away to connect with people whom I may never see.

If you need to know about the official stuff, I've earned an MDiv from seminary and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Wake Forest University. I've trained with the former staff of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and continue forward the grief workshop work she began. I've served churches and edited devotional guides and had my own therapy practice and served as a hospital chaplain.

But mostly, I still love cats and dogs. I still love Jesus. And I still love to write.

Welcome to Heart Callings. I'm glad you're here.