How to say "No" and still love Jesus.

We want to be helpful. We're called to serve. But a little breathing space in our days would be nice.

Get this free, brief guide for learning how to say no while still serving faithfully.

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For those who struggle and straggle and still keep seeking.

Welcome to Heart Callings. 

A place for those who follow in the way of Jesus. Kind of. Sort of... Well, I try. Most days.

The spiritual journey is seldom straight forward. Even if you're not sure where you are, you're welcome here. 

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The Community of Holy Stragglers is now open!

Join us as we study, straggle, pray and probably laugh together.

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Join me in the Community of Holy Stragglers

A place to talk about Christian  faith. Even if you're not sure. Especially if you're not sure. A place to be challenged, reassured, and welcomed. A place to learn together, struggle together, wonder together, pray together, laugh together.

A place for messy faith.


Community of Holy Stragglers

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 Community of Holy Straggler Study this month

Where's the joy?

Community of Holy Stragglers Podcast

For people committed to following in the way of Jesus, thinking about following, or just plain curious who also sometimes struggle with faith, straggle along behind the crowd and continue to seek.

You can find past episodes here.

Listening for grace in the every day and meeting a dog named Bear.

My dog, Bear, joined us for our Leap Day Launch Party celebrating the publication of my latest book, Monday Morning Manna. 

In this video from that day I share some of the stories from the book, reflect upon the spiritual discipline of paying attention to grace in the everyday, and, of course, introduce you to Bear. Enjoy!


"Your devotions never fail to touch that place inside where God dwells..."

This beloved devotional book has been translated into Norwegian and Japanese by readers who wanted to share it.

Ruth Sprague of Birmingham, UK, wrote:

I just wanted to write and thank you for “Strugglers, Stragglers and Seekers”.  I am all of those things but on days when God feels far or I am too exhausted to pursue faith your devotions never fail to touch that place inside where God dwells. They comfort, encourage and challenge but never condemn, never make me feel more guilt or shame.


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Jan 18, 2021

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Nov 27, 2020

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Oct 02, 2020

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