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Helping women in midlife reclaim your voice, reconnect with your heart and start dreaming new dreams.

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Retreats, Speaking, and Preaching

Need a leader for your retreat? A speaker for your event or a preacher for your worship? I've led and spoken to groups throughout the southeast. Contact me to talk about your need.

Birthing a New Chapter

Twice a year this online group meets to work through the emotional and spiritual aspects of midlife. Each week features a video plus guides for applying it to your own life. 

Small group and solo studies

Resources for a church sponsored small group, a gathering of friends, or simply a journey on your own. Each study features brief streaming videos and study guides.

You blinked, and you were here.

Your kids are moving out into their own lives. Your work doesn't work the way that you thought it would at this stage of your life. You're in your forties or fifties or even sliding into your sixties - and you're wondering who and what you want to be when you grow up. 

Something doesn't quite fit, and I'm not talking about your jeans. 

I'm trained as a therapist and ordained as a minister. I'm passionate about helping women in midlife create their best life in this new chapter.

Join me.

Peggy Haymes

"Peggy is a fellow traveller whose light makes the rest of us feel less alone. "

James Stillwell
Licensed Pastoral Counselor

""Whether speaking or writing, Peggy has a unique gift of using words, wisdom, her training, life experiences, and humor to enlighten, encourage, and empower!" "

Betsy H
Retired Business Owner

""The online group definitely exceeded my expectations! It really has helped me to view my life in a new way, and to begin changing some patterns." "

Lynn W.

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The Heart Callings Difference


An ordained minister for over 30 years, I believe midlife is one more chapter in our faith journeys. That doesn't mean putting you into a spiritual box. It means helping you find your path in this season. Questions, doubts and finding new paths are all welcomed.


As a licensed counselor for over a dozen years, I understand the impact of the stories we've been told, the stories we've lived and the losses that have shaped us.I bring to you insights from new research and proven wisdom to give you the tools you need to create your life.


I've staffed workshops all over the country and worked with people from all over the world. I've seen the magic that happens when people commit to making positive changes. My passion is helping women find the fullness of their lives in this chapter of their lives.

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Email me: peggy(at)

Making Midlife Matter Podcast

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Design Your Life

How can we use a designer's mindset to help us create a good life at midlife?

Episode 15

Loved Perfectly by Imperfect People

They may have been terrible to you. And they may have been wonderful to you. What do you do when your family history is complicated?

Episode 14

When Your Best Plans Fall Apart

It was meant to be, right? Everything fell into place perfectly. Until it all fell apart.

In this episode we reflect on the breaking apart that sometimes leads to breaking open.

Episode 13

How to Deal Wth the Loss of a Friend

One of the losses that comes with midlife is the loss of friends. We talk about that in today's episode - the things that make it hard and some of the things we can do.

Episode 12


Celebrating Mediocrity

How I learned to give up being good enough in order to enjoy what brought me delight.

Episode 16


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