Are you tired of feeling stuck?

Not good enough?

(Especially when it comes to faith.)


You feel like you should do better... whatever that looks like. 

You're tired of that voice in your head telling you all the ways that you've failed to measure up... or just plain failed. Again.

Some days God feels like that teacher telling you that you are not working up to your potential.

Or maybe your life is starting to feel like that outfit that has plenty of wear left... but doesn't quite seem to fit you anymore.

It's too small.

Or just not you anymore.

Isn't it time? Time to do something different. Time to be something different. Time to clear out those things that keep you from the life you were created to live.

Isn't it time? Your life is waiting...


Serenity Studio

Loving God with our whole selves.

Loving God is harder when you don't love yourself, when you say such terrible and mean things to yourself from the privacy of your own head. Following God is harder when you get tangled up in old beliefs about who you are and who you can be, beliefs that have nothing to do with who God is and what God wants for you.

Our spiritual journeys demand that our whole selves come along. That's why at Heart Callings we address all of it: our minds, our spirits, our hearts, and our psyches. 

Join us at Heart Callings for the tools you need for change, the inspiration that helps you dream, and the encouragement that keeps you going.


Different paths. Same goal.

Courses and groups to help you center down more deeply and grow more fully into who you are created to be.
A membership providing tools for bringing your heart, mind, and body to your journey of faith.
Coaching to clear out the blocks and dream new dreams.

Join me each week on Facebook

As Maya Angelou said, "We do the best we can and when we know better, we do better." Join me at noon (Eastern) on Mondays on my Facebook page as I go live to teach a master class designed to help you know and do better. Recent videos have included What they never told you about grief and Introducing the drama triangle.

 Every Wednesday (same time, same page) I bring you a short meditation/reflection for inspiration and encouragement.


I’m Peggy, a minister and coach. I work with people to transform the things that keep them stuck, small, and less than what God dreams for them.  

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