I approached Jamie Southern, Executive Director of Bookmarks, about providing coaching for some of the members of her team. 
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Here's what happened.

"Hiring Peggy Haymes for professional coaching of our management team was the best decision I've made all year. After each session with Peggy, my staff returned to the office energized and ready to tackle obstacles. They quickly put into practice what they had discussed and I overheard them talking among themselves about ways they had all grown. 
Peggy's help has been invaluable. What has been good for each individual has been exponentially better for the team as a whole. I cannot recommend her enough and will definitely build coaching into our budget every year so we can continue to grow with her as our intelligent and compassionate guide."
Jamie Southern, Executive Director, Bookmarks.
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Welcome to Heart Callings

Helping you create the life you want to live.
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Are you ready 
for less?

Less stress. Less overwhelm.
Fewer days of just getting through the day.
Fewer critics living rent free in your head.
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Write your awesome label here.

Are you ready 
for more?

More satisfaction. More delight.
More freedom.
More days of being who you want to be.

Investing in your life isn't selfish.

Does it feel self indulgent to spent money or time on coaching or a course? The truth is, it may be the best thing you can do for family, friends, work... and the world.

The more you are present in your own life, the more you can be present for others. The better your days work for you, the better work you can do. 

Most of all, the more you transform what holds you back and beats you down, the more freely and even joyfully you can live. Isn't life too short for anything less?

Here are some of the ways that coaching can help:

When it's just too much

Finding a path and a plan through overwhelm.

Work better, communicate better,
live better

Transform patterns and habits to work for you, not against you.

Stop stopping yourself

Self sabotage, low self esteem or imposter syndrome... clear out those things that get in your way.

Allow yourself to dream

Let yourself envision a new dream for your life, and take the next steps to begin making it real.

Coaching for a change

Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation about what you need and how I might help.

One to one coaching, virtual or in person sessions

Coaching for business leaders and your teams

Through Pinnacle Leadership Associates I offer coaching for clergy and congregations.

What they're saying...

"With Peggy's help, I am now more deeply connected to the person I want to be and I feel more capable of living the way I want to live despite some challenging life circumstances.
Her spot-on intuition has made me feel seen; her practical yet soulful suggestions have given me new tools to tackle my challenges, and her warm and kind personality has lifted my spirits. I am grateful to have Peggy genuinely cheering for me as I move forward."
Ashley L., MAssachusetts
"These last three years have found me not only trying to adjust to several life-changing events but also move forward in a meaningful way.
With her gentle wisdom, training, life experiences, genuine interest and humor, Peggy's coaching has given me tools that are relevant and easy to integrate in my daily life. I love how Peggy nudges me to think a little deeper or think from a different perspective, that, left to myself, would not occur to me. 
Working with Peggy I have the knowledge and the tools to be able to live into all the fullness of the woman I was created to be."
 Betsy H., North Carolina
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