You want something more to care about than today's traffic jam.

You long for something deeper than a "fill in the blanks" faith.

You wish you had something... you're not sure what it is. Your soul just itches for something.


You're welcome here.

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Monday Morning Manna

Now Available!

Monday Morning Manna: The book  


Many of my weekly Monday morning Manna essays have been collected into one book - plus a few new ones!


You can order from this website, your favorite independent bookstore or the usual online outlets.

From one reader:

"Haymes is a master at taking ordinary slices of life and helping me find God’s messages in the midst of them."


Small group study

Coming in 2020

I Am Woman. I Am Tired.

Book and small group study

Sometimes we're tired because life is just that way. Sometimes we're tired because we make life that way. Learn how to create rest for weary spirits and overcommitted souls. Guilt free.

Listening for grace in the every day and meeting a dog named Bear.

My dog, Bear, joined us for our Leap Day Launch Party celebrating the publication of my latest book, Monday Morning Manna. 

In this video from that day I share some of the stories from the book, reflect upon the spiritual discipline of paying attention to grace in the everyday, and, of course, introduce you to Bear. Enjoy!



Now Open!

You can order my books directly from me (and even have them autographed if you so desire.)

Check out the new Heart Callings bookstore.

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Need fuel for your journey?

Sign up to receive my Monday Morning Manna each week. It's like coffee with a good friend. One reader said:

Monday Morning Manna is truly bread for my soul on Monday mornings, it starts my day with a new perspective.  I encourage you if you haven’t taken the time to just sit and read her beautiful word on a Monday morning, find the time, indulge yourself, and gain that new manna. Your soul will thank you”.

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Looking for devotions that speak to your life?

I grew tired of devotionals that wrapped faith up in neat and tidy packages. My faith was more untamed, embracing questions, doubts, change, fears and growth. So I wrote Strugglers, Stragglers and Seekers.

This beloved devotional book has been translated into Norwegian and Japanese by readers who wanted to share it.

Ruth Sprague of Birmingham, UK, wrote:

I just wanted to write and thank you for “Strugglers, Stragglers and Seekers”.  I am all of those things but on days when God feels far or I am too exhausted to pursue faith your devotions never fail to touch that place inside where God dwells. They comfort, encourage and challenge but never condemn, never make me feel more guilt or shame.

See for yourself why people of faith turn to it year after year for both comfort and challenge.


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